Leaota Peak via Stoenesti

It’s the fourth time I’ve tried to summon Leaota Peak and the second time I managed to do it. This time on the ‘easy’ road starting in  the Stoenesti village of Arges (on DN7).

There are some 25 kilometers from the national road up to the peak, and the road is pretty bad for small cars. It’s not exactly easy for 4x4s either, because the recent floods have taken considerable chunks of the road, and in som eplaces one needs to climb the wall in order to fit on the road.

It is however a very worthwhile trip:

The last photo is a path that haunts my dreams since the first time we managed to get there: it’s from the actual peak, going into the ‘opposite direction’. i think it could be done (especially downwards 🙂 ) with some care, and a wee bit more difficult on the ascent. But I would really really like to have some prepared cars and make an expedition to see where we could get to…

If you stumbled upon this post by accident, check back frequently (via RSS or email ) because there are a lot of pictures showing how beautiful our country is, and another lot of pictures showing offroad adventures.

If you are interested in going there, just take DN7 from Targoviste to Campulung and take a right hand turn in Stoenesti (first village after the infamous Radu Voda rupestrian church), following the “Valea Badenilor”  indicator. You will then find a “Vf Leaota 22 km” indicator and then you’re lost :-). You have to cross the SECOND bridge after you find aforementioned indicator and just keep that road. some 15 kilometers later you will find the first serious junction, where you will follow the original road, that is, you will keep left.

That’s it! When the road finishes, you need to turn 195 degrees to the right and climb on the peak. Good Luck!

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