Agnita Free Spirits 2010

Agnita is a small town close to the very center of Romania, which for the past years has become more and more famous for the “Free Spirits Ride” off-road event held here every summer. This year, there were around 60 teams that took part. The event is however not that much about the off-road part (although we did have a road-book, a trial and a special stage) as it is about the people, friendship, collaboration and fun. I will only post very few pictures with actual  off-road action, just because that very reason:

This was my first time sleeping in a tent ! As you could observe yourself this blog has a high frequency of showing off offroading activities, so do come back (via RSS or email ).

2 thoughts on “Agnita Free Spirits 2010

    1. It was a new experience: it was my first time camping in a tent (!)
      Regarding the “competition” I did install a terratrip but had no luck with the sensor, so I now have a beautiful, useless piece of decor on the dashboard, until some signal converter will arrive that we can use to get the terratrip signal from the odometer.
      Therefore, we assembled a team of 8 cars that navigated by one terratrip and had no chance of getting any results 🙂
      We stopped for a picnic at position 69, etc… is the ‘impressions’ thread 🙂

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