St Andrew’s Cave Monastery – Manastirea Pestera Sf. Andrei

Near Ion Corvin, a village in Constanta, south of the Danube, one can find a monastery raised in honor of the Saint Apostle Andrew. He is said to have chosen to spread the word of Christ in the area around the Black Sea. Coming to Tomis, he needed a hiding place, and if you will visit this monastery you will find that it is is even now very well hidden in the forest. In St. Andrew’s time, there was only a cave there, used as a hideout. Over the years, the monastery had benefited from several important donors and was as such able to build the current compound, with 3 different churches:

I find the paintings inside the smaller church very interesting. I also think the entrance warning deserves a whole discussion. What it says is “let’s at least act decent” . I think this is a very pessimistic view of the people sent by the Church. Seems like the subjects are uneducated, badly intended and generally a bunch of pigs, and the most they could do is pretend to be civilized 😦 That does not sound very orthodox to me …

Getting over the Church’s messages and chosen way to implement religion and the ‘christian understanding of peers’ , I would like to point out that this is a very good place to find colorful pictures from beautiful places in Romania and all over the world. These photos in particular were taken during an electrifying summer holiday. Check back for more, or use the via RSS or email to get automatically notified when something new is posted.

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