Dervent Monastery

The grand finale of my electrifying summer seaside holiday was the road back home, on the south side of the Danube. I chose this road because I really wanted to take pictures in two places I had visited before but did not have the camera with me. The Dervent Monastery is one of those two places. Why I find this monastery so special is it’s landscape. It is nothing like any other monastery in Romania. See for yourself:

I strongly suggest you visit this place, because everything about it is out of the ordinary: the landscape, the compound, the actual setting of the monastery is in one of the deserted places in Romania, although one would not imagine.

These pictures were taken in the very last part of an electrifying summer holiday I had this year. Here are more posts from this holiday. If you like colorful photos of  beautiful places, you’ve come to the right blog. Stick around, get a free notice every time new photos are posted (via RSS or email ).

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