Culele de la Maldaresti – The Fortified Mansions at Maldaresti

Among the famous churches, caves, saltworks, mountain lakes, thermal water springs and the Capatanii Mountains, there are several other quite unique attractions in Valcea county. In the close vicinity of Horezu lies an unknown history lesson:  the fortified mansions in Maldaresti. I personally have visited Horezu something like 5 times before I got to this place, and it’s a shame, because there are things to be learned from this visit.

I never knew we had fortified homes in the first place. Mind you, these are not ‘castles’, but ‘mansions’ or ‘villas’. Homes of local landlords, or summer houses for the era’s rich and famous. And they felt they were at danger of being attacked, but not necessarily by foreign invaders…

I find the idea of painting one’s portrait directly on the wall very unpractical, but also being proof of determination: the owner just KNEW he would not ever change the wall color :-))

Please visit the official site of the Museum, with historical data (Romanian language).

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