Basilica de la Sagrada Familia

I’d like to begin this post be explaining that during the time of my absence from this publishing medium, I still travelled and took photos. So fear not, there is some material to be edited and brought online. This includes a numer of nice or interesting places in Romania, Spain and the United States.

Today I’ll start slowly with a few photos from this year’s trip to Barcelona, Spain (in September 2012) . I had visited the Sagrada Familia every time I had been in Barcelona. It has continuously evolved, and is now open (and very interesting!) for visiting the interior. Oh, and they have audio guides now!

What has fascinated me is the symphony of colors Gaudi has dreamt:

Sagrada - Ceiling
The Ceiling of La Sagrada Familia
Organ and Colors Symphony at Sagrada Familia
Symphony of colours on the organ that plays symphonies of sounds

There are a lot of things to learn from this visit, and anyone visiting Barcelona for tourism should be aware of the tickets purchase problem for Sagrada Familia:

Sagrada Familia Queue
Queueing for tickets at Sagrada Familia

The picture was taken from across the street, where an automated vending machine for tickets resides. With those tickets one can go to a special queue, which was free. Another good idea is to but the tickets online from the official site.

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