On the Streets of Inverness (on a rainy day)

Although this is not the chronologically accurate order of events, I feel the need to share this particular post after the Oban posts. It shares the “Street Photography” spirit of the Oban series, although there was a drizzle when visiting Inverness.

After a number of days ‘in the countryside’ (even staying at a castle for a couple of nights), we really missed the hectic and the buzz of a city. Inverness was very obliging:

inverness city by the river - mirrored building
Welcome to Inverness
inverness 01
Welcome to Inverness – rive gauche
inverness street photography color
On the streets of Inverness
inverness streets in the rain audi coloured
Drizzle in the center of Inverness
inverness streets in the rain vauxhall coloured
Inverness city center in the drizzle

I am not sure what this monument is about but you have to admit it gives you a lot of ideas for funny remarks…

inverness funny monument
Interesting Monument in Inverness

There are several earlier posts from this trip here on watcher.ro, and I promise there are a lot more posts from this trip coming up, so be sure to subscribe and have them automatically delivered when they are pressed ( by email or via RSS).

Until then, have a look around for more travel photos from around the world!


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