Oban again – B&W this time

I know that too many photos of a subject actually prove indecision, an artistic weakness, BUT I take comfort in the fact that I am by no means an artist – I am numbers’ guy 🙂

That is why I allow myself to publish a second post about Oban, with pretty much the same photos, in black and white this time. I feel that these are very powerful, but I just didn’t want to leave out the beautiful colors that we found in this lovely city:

oban - 004 - street view dolce vita B&W
Dolce Vita
oban - 002 - street view b&w
On the streets of Oban
oban - 003 - street view CALEDONIAN b&w
On the streets of Oban – the Caledonian Hotel
oban - 006 - street view alexandra hotel b&w
On the streets of Oban – Alexandra Hotel
oban - 005 - street view yet another hotel b&w
On the streets of Oban

As you probably already know, these photos were all taken during a great Trip to Scotland in June 2014, which is the subject of several posts around here. There are also numerous travel photos from other beautiful places around the world, just take a look. Oh, and maybe you use one of these options to get future posts delivered to you automatically : email or RSS.

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