Equilateral my @$$

Arges county is home to three uniquely (sic!) beautiful  rupestrian monasteries: Corbii de Piatra (Stone Ravens), Namaesti and Cetatuia Negru Voda (Dark Lord Fortress !).

If you use our friend Big G to search for info on these wonderful places you will find half of the sites (including a site of the Romanian Church?) arguing  that the three form an equilateral triangle. Of course the other half of the sites cry out ‘LIAR LIAR…’.

I decided this very important issue needs to be clarified once and for all so I did the unthinkable in such a situation: I took out a friggin’ map and plotted the  triangle formed by these monasteries. I let you decide whether it is equilateral, isosceles, square or a just a plain ol’ scalene triangle. Keep in mind that ANY three points make a scalene triangle 😉

Equilateral my @$$
Equilateral my @$$

Good! With that being solved, I promise in the following days all these three monasteries will have their own entries here on watcher.ro (complete with photos too). I opened the series with the Stone Ravens some 3 weeks ago, and now it’s time for the other two to get their much deserved coverage.

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