Lost Church

Last Sunday I went on a day trip to complete the triangle of rupestrian monasteries in Arges County. I had visited the Stone Ravens earlier this month and I still had to see Namaesti and Cetatuia Negru Voda, both in the vicinity of Campulung. I was lucky to find some friends that bought a new car, so they were keen to travel as the engine needed to be broken in.

We headed towards Pitesti and stopped at a gas station oly to get some shots of a beautifully coloured tree and then headed on towards Campulung. However, best practices show that if you are on a road and see any sign of a monument, church, etc, you should check it out. We did just that and found this incredibly beautiful photo location in a very poor village. I will not give you any travel details because I need to keep some mystery to go with the title, there is nothing spectacular about this church, apart from the setting I found on that specific day:

The Lost Church
The Lost Church
The Lost Church
Gateway to Heaven ?

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