Namaesti – The Rupestrian Church near Campulung

Just 5 kilometers outside Campulung one finds the village of Namaesti, home to the George Toparceanu memorial house and to a second corner of the equilateral(?) triangle of rupestrian churches in Arges county.

This is a nuns monastery with a very nice compound, with flowers on every parcel of free space. On the flip side, because of it’s placement on a very steep hill with narrow alleys and a thick forest,  photo locations are rare. The place is beautiful nonetheless, and I was lucky to get there on a warm, sunny autumn day:

Namaesti Monastery - Full Splendour
Namaesti Monastery - Full Splendour

I think this angle best illustrates the charm of this place.

Of course I could not resist going on the top to get ‘another angle’:

View from the top
View from the top

An interesting thing about the way this church is built is that the cross on the top of the tower is not facing the main entrance:

Namaesti Front View
Namaesti Front View - Rotated Cross

BUT WAIT !! There is more! Inside the church there is a ‘miracle working icon’ which people come to visit from all over the country:

Miracle Working Icon
Miracle Working Icon

This page has some more historical info in English and these two are in Romanian ( 1 & 2 ). If you would like to go there, here’s a map to show you where it’s placed:

Namaesti on the Map
Namaesti on the Map

If anybody wonders about why use Microsoft, it’s easy. Google doesn’t have the slightest clue about Romania.

Ok, here’s just one more photo before we close up:

Pretty Unique Church Tower
Pretty Unique Church Tower

If you liked this post, be sure to visit the Stone Ravens Monastery too and to check back for pictures from Cetatuia, the last corner of the triangle. If you do not want to check my blog every day, just click here to get updates automatically delivered to you via email or get this RSS feed‘s adress into your aggregator.

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